Some of these might apply to Midwest, but a lot are very Illinois-y.

I grew up in Illinois and I had my first job my first summer home from college. I needed a summer gig for a couple of months to make some money so I wasn't going back to school with empty pockets.

I ended up working at a local sushi restaurant for the summer. It was a great learning experience. I learned a lot about the restaurant industry and I also learned how to treat workers in the industry. Being a waitress, hostess, or cook in a restaurant is hard. That's why things like being polite, patient, and tipping are super important.

From food-related jobs to jobs that are unique to Illinois, we wanted to know what YOUR first job was. We asked on Facebook and the nostalgia that followed was amazing.

So let's talk about some of the jobs that are just SO Illinois.

30 First Jobs You Probably Had if You Grew up in Illinois

Nobody forgets their first job, here's some unique to Illinois.

I can't lie, there was one job on the list I had to google.

Detassling Corn.

I guess I'm a little too city for that one.

Here's what detassling corn looks like.

My favorite part of everyone's answer was the memories that it brought up. It was awesome to hear about the jobs that people had. But the best part was the stories that came along with the job.

From old malls, years on the job, and making friends, it was really fun to read through everyone reminiscing.

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