When my son was born, his name was going to be Madison; that's because he was supposed to be a girl and what do you know, 21 hours of labor later, out comes a boy. He was nameless for at least 8 hours, until my mom came in with a baby name book; we each picked a name that we liked and put them together and the rest is history.

Inspiration for your baby's name can come from anywhere- a baby name book, friends, relatives, celebrities or one of a thousand "10 Best Baby Names of 2016 So Far" lists you saw on the web; but what about the town you live in? I bet you didn't think about naming your precious bundle of joy after something in Rockford.

Believe it or not, Rockford is a great resource for baby names; you just have to take a look around you.

Here's a list, to get you started, of 26 Rockford inspired baby names:

Inspiration: Restaurants

  • Nick (Uncle Nicks)
  • Lucha (Lucha Cantina)
  • Rose (Irish Rose)
  • Carlyle
  • Abreo
  • Lino
  • Franchesco
  • Giovanni
  • Lucerne
  • Tom and Jerry (if it's twins)
  • Sienna (Sienna's Kitchen)

Inspiration: Retail shops

  • Art (Rockford Art Deli)
  • Olive (Olive Oil Experience)
  • Sonya (Salvaged by Sonya)

Inspiration: Attractions

  • Anderson (Anderson Japanese Gardens)
  • Davis (Davis Park)
  • Nicholas (Nicholas Conservatory)
  • Carlson (Carlson Ice Arena)

Inspiration: Cheap Trick

  • Nielsen
  • Daxx
  • Zander

Inspiration: Bridges

  • Morgan
  • Jefferson
  • Wyman

Inspiration: Historic Landmarks

  • Herrick (Herrick Cobblestone House)
  • Garrison (Garrison School)
  • William (William Brown Building)
Where else in Rockford can you find inspiration for your baby's name? How about streets? Al Pine? Guil Ford? Mulford? Perry Ville?