We all know our Dad's are the best, but this just gives us one more reason to love some of these celebs. They are fabulous Dads too!

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

No matter what the job, a working parent has a lot of hats to wear and schedules to juggle. Add fame and paparazzi to the mix, and raising a respectful and well transitioned child just got a whole lot more interesting. That is why Working Mother magazine came up with a list of the top 25 Celeb Dads of 2014. These men deserve to be acknowledged for being awesome Dads in such a crazy environment! FYI...Luke Bryan is number 5 on the list, and no, it is not based on his hotness factor.

Speaking of celeb Dads, don't forget we want to send your Dad to see proud Country papa,Tim McGraw, in concert at the First Midwest Amphitheater on Friday, June 27. Go here for all the details on how you could win Dad the tickets, and you the title of "Favorite Child."