Have some extra money to lose? Perhaps you know nothing about football and still want want to place a bet? They are referred by gamblers as "PROP BETS". Actual things you can bet on for Sunday's Big game. Which of these would you bet on?

21. Will it snow during the game?
20. What will be the temp at kickoff?
19. What will be the lowest temp during the game?
18. What will be referenced more during game?
17. Who will be seen first on TV after kickoff?
16. Will any of the Red Hot Chili Peppers be shirtless during their halftime performance?
15. What will Bruno Mars be wearing on his head at the start of his halftime performance?
14. Will Richard Sherman do a post-game interview on the field with Erin Andrews?
13. Will Michael Crabtree mention Richard Sherman in a tweet during the Super Bowl?
12. If the Broncos win, will Peyton Manning retire?
11. What color will the Gatorade shower Gatorade be?
10. Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first in his speech?

  • Teammates: +200
  • God: +250
  • Fans: +500
  • Opponent (Team or Player): +700
  • Coach: +1,200
  • Family: +1,200
  • Owner: +2,000
  • None of the Above: +400

9. How long will it take Renee Fleming to sing the National Anthem?
8. Will Renee Fleming forget at least one word of The national Anthem?
7. Will Renee Fleming wear gloves during the national anthem?
6. If Renee Fleming wears gloves, what color will they be?
5. Will Knowshon Moreno cry during the National Anthem?

4. What will be higher: USA gold medals or Broncos first half points?
3. What will be higher: Canada gold medals or Seahawks first half points?
2. Will the announcers say "marijuana" during the game?
1. Will the power go out?

Place your bets now!