She's amazingly talented, beautiful, and a straight shooter (in more ways than one). That's just a few of the reasons  Miranda Lambert rocks!

I love Miranda. In my dream world, Miranda and I are besties. She is sassy, and I like to fancy myself as sassy. She loves dogs and animals, so do I. She stands up for herself and what she thinks is right, and I think that is awesome. Plus, she likes funny and handsome men. So do I. See, we were destined to be best friends forever.

My own mama's heart will probably break when I say this, but I hope my daughter Ella grows up to have some "Miranda" in  her. To me, that means she will be smart, strong, independent, and talented. What else can a parent ask for?

Need proof of her awesomeness? Here ya go: 21 reasons Miranda Lambert is a bada*% role model.

Best part is, we get to see her rock the stage live at the BMO Harris Bank Center coming up on February 20. Limited tickets are still available, so get them now while you still can!