The food-lovers rumor mill is all abuzz about the possibility that Taste of Chicago won't be happening in 2023...could this really be true?

The World's Largest Food Festival

For those that have never been, Taste of Chicago is the "World's Largest Food Festival" featuring not only great, diverse eats from all over the Chicago area, but live entertainment and plenty of family fun too.

Taste of Chicago via Facebook
Taste of Chicago via Facebook

Since 1980 Taste of Chicago has taken over Grant Park for 5 days each July, and now it looks like 2023 might be the first time in 43 years that it won't be happening.

Was Taste of Chicago Cancelled for 2023?

While no official confirmation has been released that Taste of Chicago won't be happening in 2023, it is missing from Grant Park's 2023 events calendar, and that is NOT a good sign.

According to Block Club Chicago;

Grant Park will be booked 84 days between May 18 and Aug. 13 for setting up, hosting and teardown for events, according to Park District records obtained by Block Club Chicago. Nearly half of those 84 days will be dedicated to preparing, running and cleaning up the July 1-2 NASCAR race.

Between NASCAR's inaugural Chicago race and Lollapalooza, there doesn't seem to be any room to still squeeze the Taste of Chicago in. Does that mean it won't happen at all in 2023, or will it just be moved to a different location(s)? No one seems to know the answer yet, but I did notice this on the City of Chicago's website...

I guess "TBA" is far better than "MIA" or "CANCELLED", so we'll just have to wait and see what happens in the next couple of months.

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