My earliest recollection of a $2 bill traces back to the day of my first communion when nestled within a Hallmark card, I discovered a couple of them.

However, it was on my 14th birthday that the significance of these bills truly dawned on me. It was my grandparents who gifted me seven $2 bills, a gesture that felt far more enchanting than receiving fourteen one-dollar bills.

At that age, it was all about the Jeffersons, as Thomas Jefferson was the big face of the $2 bill.

When Did The $2 Bill Go Into Circulation?

The $2 bill is a year older than America. It was in 1775 that "the Tom" was authorized by the Continental Congress as the first $2 denomination in "bills of credit" for the "defense of American independence," according to US Currency.


Having a $2 Bill in the 1800s would've been a large bill because Americans were earning less than $15 per month at that time.

And an interesting fact is that back in the early 1920s, Prostitution was $2.00 a trick, leading some to refer to the bill as a “whore note," according to CNB STL

How Much Can a $2 Bill Be Worth in 2024?

Like anything that people love to collect, some $2 bills are worth way more than a couple of bucks because of their rarity and collectibility factor.

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Just when searching for collectible $2 bills online, there were several being sold for thousands of dollars including one going for over $10,000.

The U.S. Currency price guide shows current values for collectible United States paper money and these are some of the $2 bills that can be worth more than $1,000:

  1. 1928B United States Note $2 bill with a red serial number is worth $1000+ if uncirculated.
  2. 1995 Federal Reserve Note $2 bill with a green serial number is worth $500+ for the set of 12 "BEP" notes in original packaging.
  3. 1890 Treasury Note $2 bill with a brown or red serial number can be worth over $4500 if in uncirculated condition.

CLICK HERE to see the price guide for all the collectible $2 bills.

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