September 29 is National Coffee Day, so let's celebrate with all kinds of fun facts about coffee!

Shocking to believe, but I did not start drinking coffee until a couple of years ago. Actually, I believe I started drinking it in May of 2010. How do I know this info you ask? Well, that is when I started doing mornings on Q98.5. It's amazing that all it took was a few days of waking up at 3a.m. for me to realize the true magic and value of a cup of coffee. Our relationship is quite serious now, and I think I am in love.

We all have our favorite brews, our favorite cups to drink it out of, but did you know that we have dancing goats to thank for the discovery of coffee? Or that coffee technically comes from berries? Seriously. Check out these 15 things you need to know about coffee.

Now, a celebration is never complete without giving away free stuff, right? Well, our friends at McDonald's are giving away McCafe' coffee for a year to 20 lucky winners today! Listen in to Q98.5 all day long for clues on where to find the 3 feet McCafe' coffee cups hidden all over the Stateline area! Can't tune us in at work? Download our Radio Pup app so you don't  miss a minute of the fun!

One last thing, because we actually have 2 reasons to celebrate today. Not only is September 29 National Coffee Day, but it's also Broadway Musicals Day. I love musicals, so this gives me the perfect reason to share my all time favorite musical song.


Do you know what the original Broadway cast (and movie cast) of RENT has in common with Disney's Frozen?

Hmmm....maybe you need a cup of coffee to give your brain the jolt it needs to figure out the answer...