Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and giving your a sweetie a date night to remember doesn't always mean throwing down huge wads of cash. Keep it low key this year with these easy and low-cost date ideas.

I know a lot of men think women aren't impressed on a date unless a lot of money is spent, and for a lot of women that may be true. Yes, us ladies like to be pampered, but I think most of us would agree that there are several ways to do that without spending a bunch of money. You can pamper us with your time, and the thought you put into preparing a simple, romantic evening. When it comes to love, it really is the thought that counts.

Here's 15 low-cost date ideas perfect for Valentine's Day from

  1. Go on a romantic walk at sunset - Sure it may be cold now, but the weather gives you even more excuses to snuggle.
  2. Stargaze - Grab a cozy blanket, perhaps some wine, and enjoy some simple relaxation with your sweetie.
  3. Cook a delicious dinner at your place - You can still have all the thrills of a fancy dinner like flowers, candlelight and music, but at a much lower price. Plus, you'll score major points with your date when they know that you prepared it all yourself.
  4. Teach them your specialty - If you have a hobby that would be fun to do as a couple, do it together for a night.
  5. Have a selfie-stick photo shoot afternoon - Plan out some scenic and fun spots for your date, and document it selfie-style. Extra bonus comes from making a photo collage of your memories for a future gift.
  6. Take her on a winery tour, take him to a classic car show - If you pull off both in the same day, you will be sharing something each of you enjoy, and it will be even more enjoyable doing it together.
  7. Volunteer at an animal shelter - Volunteering makes anyone feel good, plus you'll get a good look into what kind of person your date really is. If they can't be kind to animals, that's a huge red flag!
  8. Give them a home spa night - This night will be relaxing and enjoyable for both of you, plus doing the pampering at home allows for more intimacy than at a spa. Just sayin'.
  9. Order takeout  - Have a fun carpet picnic in your jammies. Much more comfortable than getting all dressed up and dealing with crowds at a restaurant.
  10. Take them sledding - Re-live your childhood complete with hot chocolate, marshmallows and snowball fights. Now if Mother Nature can just get on board with this one.
  11. Have a homemade pizza night - Even if your date hates to cook, getting to create your own personal pie of deliciousness is fun.
  12. Go to a beer-tasting at a local brewery - Even if your date isn't a big beer drinker, they'll dig it. Breweries are hip, and then they get to brag to their friends that they went there.
  13. Have an outside campfire -Bundle up and enjoy, but don't forget the wine or the making for s'mores!
  14. Have a movie marathon - Snuggling, movies, a candlelight and a fire...what's not to enjoy?
  15. Have a chocolate chip cookie baking night - What a fun way to indulge, and since you set it up your date won't feel as guilty about enjoying it thoroughly.