I am a hot mess this week. My baby girl turns one on Saturday, and although I am super excited about her first birthday party, I can't shake the desire to just keep her little. Forever. I'm sure every parent knows exactly how I feel.

Right now my house looks like it was hit by a tornado of dalmatian spots, paper, ribbon, feathers, and glue. I am deep in party crafting mode, and starting to enter panic mode about forgetting to do something.

When I find myself nearing a freak out, I take a step back and remember this: decorations, parties, and gifts don't matter. Ella does.

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook last week, and I love it: 10 things children will always remember.

Life is busy, and sometimes we all forget what is really important. I hope this reminder helps every parent as much as it helped me.

Ella loves a good "selfie"