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With all of the Chicago glitz and big city people, there are those at the other end of this...There are communities in Illinois that struggle, daily. There towns and cities you may have never heard of, but they make up the state of Illinois. From drugs, crime, lack of employment chances, these towns are dirt poor.

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What makes people stay in these communities, why isn't it as easy as just packing up your belongings are getting out?

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In this video by "Stuck In The Kernfield," the host takes a deep dive into the "poorest" cities and towns in Illinois and the reasons why.

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In our society, there are those who have great advantages and riches, and there are those who have little. Illinois has many communities in which the residents struggle to survive financially - Stuck in the Kernfield

Check this video out...Do you know where these communities are? Ever been in them, or through them?

Here is the list of the 10 Poorest Cities or Towns in Illinois.

  • 10. Sorento
  • 9. Robbins
  • 8. Cario
  • 7. Venice
  • 6. Ullin
  • 5. Madison
  • 4. East St.Louis
  • 3. Carbondale
  • 2. Centreville
  • 1. Elizabethtown

It seems strange that Carbondale, where there is a college, is the 3rd poorest town in Illinois...wow.

When I was in high school, East St. Louis was part of a track and field relay meet that I was part of every year. The kids would ride a school bus all the way up to Freeport from the #4 poorest town in Illinois.

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