You spoke, we listened. Here are 10 MORE incredible foods right here in Rockford that you must try! Plus, they are all $10 or less.

Back in February, we put out a list of 15 Must Try Foods in Rockford for $10 or less. We got quite a bit of feedback from the first list, especially questioning the integrity of beer or coffee being considered a food.

If you ask my humble opinion, they absolutely are. With a hectic and busy schedule, sometimes all I have for lunch is a tasty coffee drink. You say tomato, I say tomaahhhhto.

I decided to keep beverages off of this list, but one thing I didn't shy away from were your suggestions. Which ones are you excited to try?



  • 1

    Pork Green Curry at Sisters Thai Cafe

    7801 E. State Street

    For $9.95 you have got to try the Green Pork Curry. It's as authentic as it can get! The Green Curry is simmered with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, green beans and fresh basil. Top it off with pork and you are on your way to Thai heaven.

    Jeff S. via Yelp
  • 2

    BBQ Chicken Pita at Spanky’s Gyros IV

    2626 Sandhutton Ave.

    Step up your pita game for only $4.99. Trust me when I say nothing is better than BBQ sauce dripping down your arm while eating fresh char broiled chicken on a tasty pita. TO DIE FOR. If you really want to live on the edge, get the combo with fries and coleslaw for $7.19.

    Andrew Y via Yelp
  • 3

    Shrimp Shumai at Spider Sushi Bar

    4415 Harrison Ave Ste 2

    For $3.95, yeah you read that right, $3.95... you get the best Shrimp Shumai you have ever had. Get the tasty shrimp dumplings fried or steamed with an incredible mustard dipping sauce. You will NOT be disappointed.

    Jason K. via Yelp
  • 4

    Special Salad at Primo's Pizza

    1710 Rural St.

    Basically get anything on the menu with the name 'Primo's' or 'Special' in the title. Imagine a salad with pepperoni, ham, green and black olives, tomatoes and more with enough cheese to fill an entire pizza. We are talking an 8 inch layer of cheese on a salad. What makes it better is for just under $10, it's enough salad to feed you for days. YES PLEASE! (Sad face because they aren't open on Monday.)

    Noah E. via Yelp
  • 5

    GIANT Cinnamon Roll at Illinois Machine Shed

    Edit 7475 E State St

    It's hard to believe this monstrous cinnamon roll with real butter cream frosting is only $3.79. I dare you to take on the challenge and see if you can finish it in one sitting.

    Ben D. via Yelp
  • 6

    Italian Sandwich at Woodfire Brick Oven Pizza

    408 E State St

    You are thinking, Lori, pizza is your favorite food, why wouldn't you get that at a place called Woodfire Brick Oven Pizza? The answer is simple. This Italian Sandwich for $9.50 is unreal. Prosciutto Cotto, Genoa Salami, Capicolla, aged provolone, tomato and arugula all topped high on a grilled baguette. Um, yeah... and their incredible Tuscan fries.

    France C via Yelp
  • 7

    Italian Nachos at Old Chicago

    6280 E. State St.

    Now you can have your nachos and Italian too! They include house-made pasta chips (which how do you even do that!?) baked with mozzarella, provolone, pepper jack, pepperoni, pepperoncini and Italian sausage then served with our spicy marinara sauce. All of this Italian goodness for only $9.79.

    James R. via Yelp
  • 8

    Fried Pickles at Chubby Guy's BBQ

    6551 E Riverside Blvd.

    $2.75!? That's it! I don't know what they do to make the fried pickles taste so good, but they are the best addition to any meal at Chubby Guy's BBQ.

    Stefan L. via Yelp
  • 9

    Steak Sandwich at The Sandwich Factory

    2203 Charles St.

    The Sandwich Factory is a little place that packs a big punch with their food. The Steak Sandwich is a favorite, served on french bread for $4.69. It comes with Hoagie Steak, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, Swiss cheese and pepperochinis.

    Channing C via Yelp
  • 10

    Caldo de Pollo at Fiesta Cancun

    631 Highgrove Pl.

    The chicken soup at Fiesta Cancun is exactly what you need in life. It's loaded with shredded chicken, the perfect blends of seasoning and cilantro and topped with creamy avacado. Did I mention it's only $6.50 for a heaping bowl full?

    Rosie T. via Yelp