At Chicago White Sox playoff games, you might see these ten Illinois celebrities.

Chicago White Sox Are In The Playoffs

Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox on a great season. Good luck in the playoffs. Hopefully, they can make it far. If you are a sports fan in Illinois, no matter where your baseball loyalty is, please support our local team as they fight for a championship.

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The Fans Support A Winner

It is like clockwork, when a team starts winning the fans come out of the woodwork. They could be longtime diehards, bandwagon jumpers, and celebrities. I am cool with it because the team needs as much support as it can get.

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Look Out For The Celebrity Fans

Have you also noticed when a team is doing well, the celebrity fans show up to lead the charge? Pay attention during the upcoming Major League Baseball playoffs. During the broadcasts, the camera will focus on fans in-between plays. Of course, many will be celebrities.

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Famous Chicago White Sox Fans

Well, how about some homegrown fans. I think most of us know who those famous Chicago Cubs fans are from Illinois. What about the celebrities from the Land of Lincoln that are all about the Southsiders? Well, Check out this impressive list.

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10 Celebrities From Illinois 

10. Chance The Rapper - Hip Hop Star (Chicago)

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9. Laurie Metcalf - "The Conners" Actress (Carbondale)

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8. Jim Gaffigan - Comedian (Elgin)

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7. Jenny McCarthy - Model (Evergreen Park)

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6. Dennis DeYoung - Former Lead Singer of Styx (Chicago)

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5. George Wendt - "Cheers" Actor (Beverly)

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4. Mr. T - "Rocky III" Actor (Chicago)

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3. Jerry Springer - Talk Show Host (Chicago)

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2. Michael Jordan - Former Chicago Bull (Chicago)

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1. Barack Obama - Former President of the United States (Chicago)

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Are Any Of These Illinois Celebrities White Sox Fans Too?

From guest-starring roles to Academy Award winners, Illinois has its fair share of famed actresses.

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