This weekend Wrigleyville will be the busiest it has ever been. It may have to do with a certain team playing in the World Series. 

If you plan on going to the area this weekend, you may want to take some precautions. WLS-TV says that Chicago officials are expecting a record number of people to convine near the "Friendly Confines". Here are some tips if you do make the trek.


1. Security will be in full force this weekend. There are going to be over a thousand officers from the local county and state agencies. Some will be in uniforms and some will be dressed casual. So, you will be safe in the area.

2. This is something I don't think I have ever witnessed or heard of when it comes to a sporting event. According to the article:

"Security checks will be conducted within two blocks of Wrigley Field, including random bag checks. Checkers will particularly be on the lookout for alcohol."  TWO BLOCKS! Those are city blocks.

3. Bars will take every precaution in the Wigleyville area to keep fans and patrons safe. Certain bars will remove all table and chairs from the outside areas. Also, all bars will serve drinks in plastic cups and no bottles that are either aluminum or glass.

4. Don't plan on driving around the area and parking there. They are only going to allow people who live in the area access to parking. You have to show an ID to prove you live in the area. Officials are telling people the best way to watch the game if you don't have tickets is to head to a friends house and watch it there.

5. Plan ahead and take the CTA to Wrigley Field if you are going to the game. Streets will be closed and it will be worth the wait to take the public transportation.

6. If you don't have tickets to the game, then don't go the area to try and by them. There will be deals that will be too good to be true and there are warnings out about fake tickets. According to the article:

"The Better Business Bureau issued a warning Tuesday about counterfeit tickets. The agency said fans should only buy them from a reputable ticket broker or retailer or licensed site, avoid one-time deals and make sure the MLB's official hologram and license is on the tickets. The BBB also urged consumers to purchase tickets with a credit card, so that if they do get scammed, they can dispute the charge before paying their bill."

Good luck to all the Cub fans in the area. And be safe if you head to the ballpark.