RMH Has a Germ Zapping Robot [Video]
I remember back in third grade singing a song for a school program about how computers and robots could do anything. Even though at that time technology was on the cusp, who knew that they really honestly could.
Now there's robots to do anything  including zapping germs, like the one RMH (R…
Dirty Secrets of Makeup
Yesterday morning I couldn't find my makeup bag with all the new makeup I had just purchased last week. So I dug in my drawer and pulled out some older cheaper stuff to use.
Big MISTAKE! My eyes watered all day from that.
Then I read this article about the dirty secrets that makeup holds.
Reduce the Risk of Hospital Germs
When visiting my Dad in the hospital last night I grossed out in touching the elevator buttons. I used my knuckle then instantly used the hand sanitizer next to the elevator door.
Ok, so maybe I'm a germaphobe. There are a lot of germs are in hospitals. Here are some tips to reduce getting them.