If you grew up watching and loving the John Hughes "Brat Pack" films then this is something you need to see.

The home we know as Samantha Baker's in "Sixteen Candles" is up for sale.

Sigh! I well remember wishing I could be Samatha Baker kissing Jake over the birthday cake while sitting on the table. Didn't you? haha!

And who could ever forget Long Duck Dong and the famous "What's Happenin' hot stuff?" line.

Now if you have the cash you can own a piece of that movie nostalgia.

NBC Chicago reports that the "The six-bedroom, four-bathroom brick home at 3022 Payne Street in Evanston has been listed for $1.49 million."

Wow! Now that's quiet a bargain. Cough! Umm... yeah I happened to have that much cash stash away. Ha!

To see the modern upgrades to the home which no way reflect the interior of the Baker household in the film click here.