It's Spring and you know what that means? Time to Spring Clean through your clothes closet. Do you know the signs when it's time to declutter your closet and donate your clothes?

According to this article we are to look for anything that falls into the following categories:

  • You haven't worn it in two winters.
  • It is stained/ripped/faded and you don't love it enough to invest in having it professionally cleaned or tailored.
  • It no longer fits the image you are trying to project. Say you used to work in an office (like me) and had to wear suits. You now work in your basement (like me) in yoga pants and a t-shirt.

These are sure signs it's time to donate, recycle or toss an item of clothing.

Hmmm. Those are very similar to my own rules. My rules when going through my clothes is that if I haven't worn it in a year, then it's time to go. Also, if there's an item I can't bring myself to getting rid of, I'll hold it for the season and if I hadn't worn it by the end of the season, out it goes.

If you've already started or in the process of bagging up your clothes there's a quick and easy way to donate them. This Saturday, March 29th, all 8 eight participating Schunck's Grocery Stores will holding a Clothing Drive for the Salvation Army from 9am - 5pm. Steve Summers will out from 9am -11am helping collect clothes at the Cherry Valley Schunck's, (outside of the Cherry Vale Mall). Also, for your convenience, they have a drive-up service. You pull up and they'll unload your clothes.