OK, I admit it, I do not pay for Netflix! I, like thousands of other people around the country, share a Netflix account with a relative to save money. Now, comes word, I could go to jail, and so could you!

Fox News is reporting that there is a federal court ruling, that has been issued, that makes sharing your passwords with subscription services like HBO go, to Netflix, a crime punishable by prison time under federal statutes.

The case stems from a man, who used a former coworker's password, to open files from a work database he used at his previous job. That ruling sets a new precedent, implying that anybody who uses someone else's password, for anything, is a "hacker".

Back in 2013, the man was convicted of hacking charges and sentenced to one year and one day in prison. This past week, a federal appeals court upheld the conviction by 2-1.

The entire text of the ruling can be read HERE.

So, if you like watching "Orange is the New Black" on Netflix for free, you might end up in a real life Orange is the New Black jail cell.

By the way, I also share Amazon Prime with my family, come and get me!