Soon you may be enjoying your Chicago Style hotdog while washing it down with an ice cold beer, as Rockford's Portillo's is moving closer to serving alcohol.

WIFR reports that now "with a unanimous vote for the liquor license from the liquor and tobacco advisory board the request now moves ahead to the next steps in the approval process."

Which means the request now has to go through "codes and regulations on Monday." If it passes then it moves on for the city council to vote on it this September 6th.

If and when this is passed there will be some stipulations and restrictions on how and where the liquor will be served. It can't be sold through the drive thru nor on their outdoor patio area.

Currently there are 32 Portillo's throughout Illinois and all of them have liquor licenses. it makes sense to add Rockford on to the list.

The restaurant held off applying for the license for a year as they wanted to concentrate on the serving the best food. no that they have a year under their belts, they feel it;s time to get the license and approval to serve alcohol.

By the way if you're curious what they will be serving, Portillo's "plans to offer beer from Chicago breweries like Revolution as well as craft beers."