Ladies,  can you imagine losing your purse. Scary.

Now imagine losing it with $12,000 in it? YIKES!

Well that's what happened to Rockford woman. She accidentally left it in a mall bathroom

According to the LaCrosse Tribune (via NBC15) Rockford residents, Norberta Pickett and her husband, where on their way to purchase a camper when Norberta left her purse in the Hallmark store restroom at the Valley View Mall in Onalaska, WI

An employee found the purse and when no one came in to claim it she turned it into the LaCrosse Police. Police found the near $12,000 cash along with Norberta's ID and pictures of her grandkids.

It's truly amazing that the cash wasn't stolen.

The funny thing is Mrs. Pickett was more upset about losing her photos than the cash.

I have to say losing your purse is a really scary ordeal. I remember as a teenager leaving my purse in Sears in the shoe department in the CherryVale Mall and I freaked out, I probably only had $30 bucks in it not $12,000. I would have been sick to my stomach if I had that much cash in my purse with my ID and credit cards.