On Saturday, friends and family gathered to remember loved ones who left us too soon as yesterday was International Overdose Awareness Day 

WREX TV had a story about the organization Hope Over Addiction and the memorial service that took place at the YMCA Log Lodge in Rockford.

People from all over the stateline took part  in this memorial. They brought roses that they dropped into the water. Winnebago County Corner  Sue Fiduccia spoke as well as local church leaders.

According to the founder of Hope Over Addiction Tammy Wardemann, this organization was created so people had an outlet for their feelings.

"They're normal people. They're brothers, they're sons, they're daughters. They were loved they are loved. They were normal. It can happen to anybody and that's what we want them to know"

It saddens me that we have to talk about these kinds of things. But, lets raise up and help support any cause that makes us better people. If you know of anyone who is struggling with an addiction or have lost someone close due to an addiction get all the info right here.