Too bad Sean Kelly just moved into his apartment and out of his hotel room, because he definitely needed a room for his lovefest with today's Q98.5 Pet of the Week!

When one of your dogs' names is Brooks, you often get the question, "Is your other dog's name Dunn then?" No, my Brooks is actually named after Garth Brooks, but perhaps I should adopt Dunn so I can have both aspects covered. Although, I'm pretty sure this kitty was way more impressed with Sean than he was with me...


Don't worry, Dunn is an equal opportunity lover. Right after he was done with loving on Sean, Dunn shifted his affection to KD from Winnebago County Animal Services.

Adopt Dunn today for $40, and feel the love yourself. This is probably my most favorite cat ever, and I would love to see him go home furever today!

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