There have been strides to reduce crime in the Forrest City.  Now, with your help, you can make Rockford a safer place to live. 

According to WTVO TV, A few years ago, a stretch of street lights were removed on Madison St. in Rockford. The program saved taxpayers almost $500,000. But, with the savings came the crime. With the city block being dark, that allowed more opportunities to commit crime.

There is now a new project that will give a new light to a dark area. The Madison Street Corridor project allows residents to sponsor a new streetlight for a minimal fee. According to the story:

"an initiative that gives the public the opportunity to sponsor a streetlight at only $15-20 per month. Anyone from residents to businesses can take part."

I am all for making Rockford a safer place to live. If fifteen dollars is going to make a difference in the safety of people heading downtown at night, I am all aboard. Now if you want to be a part of the initiative, you can click here to find out more.