The lines at Dicks Sporting Goods in Rockford began to form at 9 pm when it looked like the Cubs were gonna win.

The lines got longer and longer as the game came to close. After the last out, it seemed as if half of Rockford got up out of their easy chairs and headed out to Dick's Sporting Goods on E. State Street.

The line looking back (Photo: Keith Busekros)

Rockford Cubs fan Candi Busekos was one of the fans who went to get her Cubs wear. I asked her about her experience. You would think with an event that has not happened in 108 years that, there would be chaos. On the contrary, Busekros said it was very positive.

It was actually really fast!!! We got there right after the last out so about midnight. And we were out there by 1:00!!! Everybody was extremely happy!!! Running up and down the line with the W flag. The crowd broke out singing Go Cubs Go!!! It was fun being a part of it!!!!
The line looking forward (Photo: Keith Busekros)

Heads up, if you are looking for 'official' Cubs World Series gear, expect to pay $30.00 for a shirt and $60.00 for a hoodie.

Definitely worth it for a a rare occurrence like this. Let's hope we can do this again next year.