Is this a threat to freedom of speech and privacy rights?

Wow, think of this, 10 years ago this issue was never a concern, how times have changed.

The Illinois legislature is considering a bill (SB2871) proposed by Chicago Senator (Democrat) John G Molroe that would allow Illinois courts to hold a hearing prior to trial, where a minor who is charged with the commission of a crime, to refrain from using any social media account, and to remove any photographs or depictions of firearms or other dangerous weapons from those social media accounts.

IL Sen Mulroe (D-Chicago) / Photo

The bill would also require the juvenile give the government access to his or her social media accounts.

The Illinois Policy Institute, in a statement issued on April 7th, said that there is a major first amendment issue concern as a result of infringement of privacy rights.

The problem here is that the law, if passed, would ban a juvenile from social media BEFORE the case goes to court and a judgement is made.

Do you think this a good idea or bad idea for Illinois? Comment below.

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