The deaths of three, and possibly more innocent bystanders and motorists were prevented by the willingness of area citizens performing what could be best described as a heroic act on Saturday.

Loves Park Police report that at 3:15 pm on Saturday at the intersection of Harlem and Alpine, a male motorist was traveling northbound on Alpine Rd. at Harlem Rd. The driver of the vehicle allegedly blacked out due to a medical condition. To make matters worse, there were two 11-year old girls also in his car. Several observant passing motorists, saw what was occurring, observing the vehicle coasting northbound through the very busy intersection at a low rate of speed. One of the passing motorists saw what was happening, as he watched the vehicle traveling a very low rate of speed through the very busy intersection. He then got out of his car, caught up to the vehicle with the unconscious driver behind the wheel, opened the drivers door and brought the vehicle to a safe stop.


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Other motorists on the scene assisted by comforting the two 11 year old girls in the vehicle, who were upset and frightened by what was going on. In fact, the good samaritans had already contacted the mother of one of the little girls before police arrived and the little girls was able to talk with her mom on the phone for further comfort.

Love Park said:

In today's crazy world, many people are afraid to get involved, but the people who made the decision to get involved during this incident made a definite difference & are applauded for their involvement.

We couldn't agree more. What could have been a situation involving injuries and potential tragedy, turned out the best way it could.  Thank you to everyone for stepping up!

Police report that the motorist later regained consciousness and was transported to an area hospital for treatment. The two girls were picked up at the scene by one of their mothers.