Is it possible that you have been paying to much for an extra value meal at the O'Hare Airport McDonald's? According to one person, the answer is yes!

According to the website Courthouse News Service, a Kansas woman named Farah Gohari has filed a lawsuit in Cook County, alleging that two of the golden arches franchises have over charged customers almost thirty percent.

She had a layover at the airport in the morning and ordered breakfast. The total apparently came up more than what was posted on the electronic menu board. The cashier said that the prices were wrong on the board. She then ordered another item and the price was wrong as well. She then alleged that the cashier tried to shame her into paying the wrong price.

According to the claim. the cashier admitted that the prices on the board were wrong for some time and that she nor the manager was going to do anything about it. So, the prices were lower on the board, but the cash register was programmed to charge a higher price.

Gohari finally ordered a steak and egg Mcmuffin meal, which was listed on the board at $4.80, but was charged $6.20 plus tax.

According to the article:

" She filed a complaint, only to receive a "nondescript response" about McDonald's pledge to investigate her concerns, with neither an apology nor a refund, the complaint states."

Gohari's attorney did some investigating and found two locations doing the same thing in the airport.

She says in her complaint:

“McDonald’s IT department, as one of the largest restaurant businesses in the world, could also, on information and belief, adjust and synchronize pricing issues on its own computerized cash registers and menus in a minimal amount of time,”

I am flying out of O'Hare next Wednesday. Will they fix the problem by that time, or will I be ordering a menu item and being charged more for it. Stay tuned......