The first cashless toll system is now active on I-290 in Chicago. This means you're going to need to have an I-Pass or pay twice the toll fee.

ABC7 Chicago reports that effective yesterday, the western section of I-290 is now a cashless toll system which means you need an I-Pass to drive it or all drivers without one will have to pay their toll on-line or by mail within the next seven of driving that 6.5 miles stretch of road or fines will added to their tolls.

From Lake Street to 290 it will be $2.50 or for those with the I-Pass it will be $1.25, half the cost. Now many are saying they'll avoid the toll and drive alternate routes but doing that could possible tack on an additional drive time of 10 to 15 minutes on good traffic days to get to your destination.

You may say that's fine I'll do that. Just be aware that by the end of 2017 the plan is that eastern stretch of I-290 to Route 83 will also become a cashless toll road.

If you don't have an I-Pass you will be paying and additional $.20 to $.60 more in tolls.Yikes!

Tollway officials defend this system saying that having a cashless toll system will help in adding additional ramp access on the 290 plus giving drivers a quick drive without any stops.

Maybe we should be glad we don't have that type of daily commute in Rockford, because you either would have to add on more time to getting to and from your destination or without an I-Pass you'll be paying more to drive the faster sections of the road ways.

I guess it's true if you want convenience and a faster smoother drive you will wind up paying for it one way or another.

Oh boy! Illinois you really know how to continue to add on to our pain.