While looking at photos from the 2017 ACM red carpet JB Love and I discovered this on Nicole Kidman's dress, and we cannot stop laughing.

This morning we were chatting with Nashville Cat about the ACM red carpet fashions, when she mentioned checking out Chris Lane's floral suit, so we did. While looking at all the other stars' red carpet photos we saw this, and I literally started laughing so hard I was crying.

Frazer Harrison; Getty Images


You see it yet? How about a closer photo...


Frazer Harrison; Getty Images


It's no secret that I am not the hugest Nicole Kidman fan, but I really didn't set out to make fun of her. During the actual ACM Awards broadcast I thought her dress had pineapples and trees on it, but the close up reality of it is so much better than fruit.

We're terrible, I know, but laughter is a great way to start any day, and this made me laugh HARD.