Rumor has it that Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls works out at Marian Central Catholic High School in Woodstock. So does he?

According to the Northwest Herald Jimmy Butler 'allegedly' was working out in the school's gym on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

The Director of the Athletics Department for Marian Central, Curtis Price, declined to answer if in fact Jimmy was at the school. The Vice Principle, Debra Novy, deferred calls about Jimmy  to Mr. Price. She only stated the following:

"I didn’t necessarily make any arrangements...I know there was a lot of trying to keep things underwraps for his sake. To tell you the truth, Mr. Price is the one that more so arranged and it was very short term. He is the one that has more of the detail."

Ok that seems suspect doesn't it? Is there a ring of truth that Jimmy was there?

So did the students see anything?

Actually, yes they did. Some students said that they saw Jimmy Butler arrive in his Maserati with what looked like body guards on Tuesday. They also said that the main gym's windows were sealed and darkened and they could hear a basketball bouncing in the gym.

I asked my niece, Gaby, who's a sophomore at Marian Central, if she saw Jimmy Butler and she said she didn't but when she had cheer practice after school Wednesday night in the main gym, the windows were still darkened and sealed and the basketball hoops were down. Well that sounds suspicious that he was there. Plus, it isn't basketball season yet at the school so it's a high possibility that Jimmy was there. Why else would the hoops be down?

Hmmm... I guess we'll just wait and see if the rumors are actually true.