One of Rockford's favorite bakeries was burglarized early Monday morning. Thieves didn't steal the owner's positive spirits, but did take something of importance.

Sugar Jonas Bakery's Fairview location was burglarized early Monday, according to their Facebook page.

This could pose a big problem for those that have orders set for this week.

Our Fairview location was burgled this morning!!! The stuff is not important. What IS important is that the jerk who stole my laptop also took with him/her all our orders for this week (why, I don't know)!! They had not been entered into the computer (and saved to Dropbox) yet so I literally have no idea what they are!!

The owner encourages anyone that has orders due this week to contact Sugar Jones by email as soon as possible to be sure everything is prepared correctly.

This only effects the Fairview location and not the Riverside Boulevard store.


Sugar Jones Bakery