We are not making any political statements here, merely sharing information we think is pretty interesting; one North Side Chicago bar is serving up an anti-Trump beer for a charitable cause. 

This a story about a beer formerly named "Trump Golden Ale" that was once served as a house beer at Trump Towers, that is until Donald Trump's controversial comments alienated Mexican immigrants and made a Latin American-themed brewery decide it was time for payback.

5 Rabbitis the brewery responsible for Trump Golden Ale, and after the Trump immigrant stance controversy began they severed ties with the businessman, and changed the name of the beer as well. The name they came up with, well, let's just say it makes their feelings clear. It's called,"C***tuPelo" which translates to "F*** your hair". Yikes.

The beer is now being served at Rogers Park Social on N. Glenwood Ave. in North Side Chicago, and if you buy one of these $6 beers, the bar will donate $1 to the Chicago chapter of the ACLU through the November elections.

Rogers Park Social co-owner, William Meek recently explained his motivation for the donation to WGN-TV by saying;

 “While we are absolutely not taking a political stance regarding anyone’s vote in the presidential election, we very much feel that the brewery’s decision to make a statement about Trump’s avowed bigotry and intolerance, via a product that we all know and love – BEER-  was spot on. We simply felt that it jived with our commitment to our extremely diverse and progressive neighborhood.”