Cookie Monster was originally green and named "Wheel-Stealer"? Superman was initially intended to be a villain? Hawaiian Punch was supposed to be an ice cream topping? Say what?!?

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Lately I have been getting re-educated on all the joys, obsessions, and "in" things of childhood thanks to my 2 young nephews, and of course our little "legume" baby Ella.

Right now my 2 year old nephew Kamden will watch "Cars", "Cars 2" , and "Barney" all day long. My nephew Reagan who's almost 5 loves everything "Duck Dynasty" and has just started hockey lessons. As for baby Ella, well...she is fascinated by blowing bubbles, and that she has hands with fingers that move and she can put in her mouth.

All these things have made me feel a bit nostalgic about my own childhood, and then I came across this list.

What would the World be like if Twinkies had banana cream filling? If Marty McFly had gone back in time in a refrigerator and not the Delorean? If we had never uttered the phrase "Luke, I am your Father"? I, for one, am glad we never had to find out and that my daughter will grow up loving a blue monster who loves cookies!

Just for fun...a new picture of Ella who turned 4 months old yesterday.