WOW! Would you do this?

A man who walked 29 miles on one of Georgia's coldest days in decades just to pay a traffic ticket just found his determination rewarded. Last week, Ray Norman reportedly left his home around one in the morning then proceeded to walk eight hours in the cold just to reach the Lilburn City Hall in Georgia and pay a $50 fine for an accident that left him without a vehicle. Here's the cool thing, the cops later chipped in 80 bucks to pay for a cab to get Norman home.

His story quickly went viral, and according to WSDU-TV,people have been sending money into the Lilburn Police Department to pay the officers back -- however, policy prevents them from taking money. Instead, they suggest, do what investment company CEO Joel Shapiro did: get some money to the shelter resident Norman, who previously wanted to remain anonymous.


Shapiro gave three thousand bucks to Norman -- explaining he wanted to give Norman a hundred bucks for "every mile he walked." The exec explained, "Anybody who had that much integrity, I had to help him." Shapiro presented him the money on camera, and the determined Norman was overwhelmed. "You changed my life," Norman told Shapiro before the men hugged.

Check out the video HERE