A Wisconsin woman narrowly being squished to death on her bike after falling in to a drawbridge's crevice.

ABC7 shares that a woman riding her bike in Menasha, Wi ignored the warning gates at the draw bridge and continued to ride her bike through the gates and onto the drawbridge as it was going up.

Her bike's front tire became lodged into the gap between the road and where the gate meet.

"A minute went by before anyone saw her trapped in the gap." Then "someone then rushed to tell the bridge operator to stop the opening. The woman was pulled to safety and is being treated for facial injuries."

Watch the news video below to see the whole thing.

Wow! She was lucky that someone was there, saw her and got her help or she would have been crushed.

I just shake my head at why she ride around the gates when you can visibly see the bridge going up. There's no way to beat the bridge on a bike.


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