You might want to buy a house from a guy who's wearing a suit... or maybe you might want to buy a house from a guy who isn't wearing anything at all. 

Inventive. That's a good word for Colin Schindler, a realtor from Beloit, Wisconsin I met this week on Good Day Stateline.

Most of the time when you interview a realtor, you talk about why you wanted to do this for a living, and there's a lot of 'helping someone find their dream home,' and Colin did say that, but everything else we learned about Colin was much less predictable.

Including the fact that in order to get his name out there he decided to recreate one of his favorite band's music videos and make it all about the real estate world.

So Colin flipped Blink 182's 'All The Small Things,' to Colin Schindler's 'All The Listings.'

He had some help with the (incredible) production, AP&M Media put it all together and I think we can all agree they did a mighty fine job.

Colin isn't just a ripped realtor who can moonlight as a lip-syncing Blink 182 member though, he also is a good sport who literally drank mustard out of a straw with us on Good Day Stateline's Game Day.

A man of many talents if you will, oh and he likes robes which is why you'll find him on Instagram as the Robed Realtor. 

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