The Dairy State has some of the cheapest gas prices in the country on average, so you can't blame those of us living in neighboring states for making that short drive across the border.

How much is a gallon of regular gas in Wisconsin?

On average, Wisconsin's gas prices were $3.026 per gallon for regular gas according to AAA.

That's quite a bit different than surrounding states, especially Michigan where the average gallon of Regular is at $3.210 and just down in Illinois the average is $3.301 as of January 3, 2023.

Which counties in Wisconsin have the cheapest gas?

Outagamie County (Appleton, WI) has the lowest average per gallon of Regular gasoline at $2.93, and just north of Chicago across the border in Kenosha County is $2.97 per gallon.

Where can you get the cheapest gallon of gas in Wisconsin?

In a suburb just south of Milwaukee is where the lowest price for a gallon of Regular gas can be found. According to Gas Buddy, the Citgo on East College Avenue in Cudahy, Wisconsin has Regular for $2.64.

Appleton is a hot spot for cheap fuel with several gas stations offering some of the state's lowest prices at $2.67 at the Kwik Trip and Costco.

Cenex and the Co-Op in Greenville, Wisconsin also had $2.67 Regular gas at the time this story was published.

Just 6 months ago (June 2022) the average price for a gallon of Regular gas was $4.82.

If you want to track up-to-the-minute fuel prices in Wisconsin, CLICK HERE to see Gas Buddy.

AAA also offers the latest gas prices on average by city, county, and state HERE.

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