Some of us are lucky enough to have a garage, but for the people that don't here are a few tips that will make things just a bit easier on those snowy, cold winter mornings. If you have 2 cars, always make sure that you park them in the driveway pointed towards each other hood to hood. Sometimes our car batteries just don't have enough cranking amps and on super cold days you just might need to jump off the battery. If your cars are parked hood to hood it will make it much easier to jump it off.

Another tip is to make sure you have at least a half a tank of gas so the lines don't freeze. A short trip to the store and for a couple of bucks you can pick up a fuel additive called Heet. It will remove the water from your gas and it acts like an antifreeze. If you're dealing with lots of ice and snow on your windshield its good to have a bottle of De-icer windshield spray. It will definitely help with prep time to get you on the road faster.

If you use some of these tips its sure to help out your morning snow prep session when it comes to your car so you can get to work and the kids can get to school on time.

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