For the first half of the month, we've had a historically warm February. But now the weather forecast for northern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin looks to be turning right back to Winter.

February 2024 Trending as One of the Warmest in History

High temperatures have been warmer than average around our region for the past couple of weeks and are trending to make February one of, if not the warmest on average since weather records have been kept.


But the trend to be one of the warmest Februarys is about to head in the wrong direction as temperatures get much colder and several inches of snow accumulation is possible throughout the Stateline area.

Thunderstorms and a Wintry Mix Possible through Thursday (2/15)

We don't think the area will get anything like Thundersnow that gets Jim Cantore excited, but there could be some thunderstorms and then some flurries within the same 12-hour stretch.

The current forecast for Rockford has a chance of thunderstorms on Wednesday night and then turning to a wintry mix overnight into Thursday morning (2/15) with high temperatures on Thursday expected to be in the upper 30s.

Winter Weather Advisory is in Effect for Some Wisconsin Counties

Up to 4 inches of snow accumulation is possible for some Wisconsin cities including Janesville and Madison as a Winter Weather Advisory has been activated until 11 am on Thursday (2/15).

Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning commute. -National Weather Service

For live updates on interstate and road conditions in Wisconsin just CLICK HERE.

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