You won't believe who is in negotiations to star alongside Will Ferrel in his upcoming movie. Here's the inside story.


Cosmopolitan Magazine reports that according to Variety, Will Ferrell wants to co-star with the talented and extremely funny Amy Poehler, who is in negotiations to star alongside Will Ferrell in the upcoming film The House.


IIya Savenok, Getty Images


If the rumors are true, Amy and Will will play a husband and wife who get into all kinds of funny situations after Will's character starts an illegal casino in his basement.

The film's script has been written by Brendan O'Brien and Andrew J. Cohen, the guys behind Neighbors. This one has the makings of a funny comedy blockbuster.


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Apparently, Amy is already in final negotiations, which means it's pretty likely she'll end up in the role. If it all works out, this will be the first time Amy and Will have worked together since Blade of Glory.