Not even rain could ruin this moment. In fact, it might be why seeing Keith Urban will forever be one of the most memorable concerts I've ever been to.

Keith Urban Country Thunder Twin Lakes 2017
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

The rain did not spoil the party by any means. If anything it amplified the energy. Keith Urban and the tens of thousands at Country Thunder withstood the downpour and were determined to have one of the greatest nights in the festival's history. The goal was achieved and then some. The night reminded me of my favorite concert.

Foo Fighters Lollapalooza 20177
Youtube via Monique Corrêa

I've been to hundreds of concerts and my #1 favorite, without question, was Foo Fighters at Lollapalooza in 2011 and the second would be Kenny Chesney at Miller Park. That all changed this weekend, Keith Urban is now tied for first place. Both concerts had something very similar. Torrential downpour.

Country Thunder In Twin Lakes, Wisconsin - Day 2
Getty Images for Country Thunder

Keith didn't let the weather slow him down or skip a beat. As you would expect at any concert, he went all out. He toughed out the rain with 40,000 fans and played on the catwalk about 30 yards from the actual stage. He brought up a 12-year-old fan, took pictures with her, and even greeted each of her family members. But, perhaps the greatest moment (i.m.o.) was singing "Friends In Low Places" acoustically. Watching Keith and the crowd was incredible, but nothing topped the great memories I made with my wife, our friends, and 40k+ other people. It is one of the best concert experiences and something I'll never forget.

The night was something special for Keith Urban, too. He left this message on Instagram after the show.

He's a recap of the night.

Here is a clip of Foo Fighters at Lollapalooza in 2011. (Warning: Language)

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