If you're married or even if you've attended a wedding you've most likely witnessed those moments when things don't always go as planned. How about when the wedding is missing one of the key people, as in the groom? What would you do?

Well, for a family in India they asked a wedding guest to take the absent groom's place.

Reportedly, "the groom had a falling out with the bride's family the day before the wedding. The Times of India reports the 30-year-old would-be guest, who was a relative of the bride, offered to marry the woman in "a kind gesture," and the "relieved" family accepted. The wedding went off without any further hitches, as scheduled, last Tuesday."

Hmmm.. that seems a little awkward. If I were that bride I'm not sure how I'd feel about that. I know one thing's for sure, I'd be hunting down my "former fiance" for some vindication. How about you?