Here it is! The annual list of who makes what at the White House. It’s been a requirement since 1995 for the White House to alert Congress of the salary of presidential staffers. So, let’s take a peak and see what the 457 employees of President Obama make for a living.


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$172,200: 22-of Obama’s staff make the "big bucks." This salary goes to folks with the title “assistants to the president” and they all normally have a second title (although the additional title does not mean additional salary.) None of them have received a raise since President Obama took office and a freeze went into effect during the recession.

$158,500: Deputy Assistants to the President are next and they too have not received a raise in years. Twelve of his staffers make this salary.

$75,500: Travel office star Ashley Tate-Gilmore makes about average for her role as the Director of Travel for the White House. According the Department of Labor Statistics, Meeting, Convention and Event planners average around $73,000 nationally. Tate-Gilmore’s duties include managing all White House travel, including airplane charters, hotel bookings, and staff movements.

$70,700: The first lady’s staff doesn’t make as much.

$42,420: And our friends in lower press who escort the White House press corp around, make the lowest. They are responsible for managing the media and received their first pay increase since Obama took office this year. A 1 percent raise was issued for all of the federal government this year under an executive order signed by the president in December.

A White House official tells ABC News that most employees making under $100,000 were eligible for the raise. A handful of historically retained employees (that stay on from administration to administration) making over $100,000 were also eligible. But the overall pay freeze is still in effect for White House staff.

It's just a peak. My curiosity has been satisfied. If you need to see more, find out here.