I have always felt that Miranda Lambert and I should be besties, as we seem to have so much in common. Except that she can sing, write hit songs, and hunts, and I don't. At least I know how to pick and play a number one song.  Let's see which one of Miranda's hits defines you.

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

I saw this link on Miranda Lambert's Facebook page yesterday, and of course I had to take the quiz fully expecting to get "Crazy Ex Girlfriend," or "Mama's Broken Heart" or something else equally as sassy. Instead I got "The House That Built Me." After reading why, it makes sense. Guess I am turning into a softy the older I get, and that's just fine by me.

"You are sentimental and thoughtful. Life hasn’t always been kind to you, but you would not change a thing. You take to heart the lessons you’ve learned and are a better person because of them. You enjoy a slower pace of life these days. You appreciate the few extremely close friends and family in your life more than a big group of acquaintances."


Which Miranda song are you?