If you're like me, you never really know for sure what is recyclable when it comes time to taking the trash out. Thanks to Rock River Disposal, here's a handy list of things you should recycle.
You've seen those big blue, covered containers around the city for recycling. Since Rockford went bigger, over 24% more items were recycled in the past year than previously.

So if you are wondering what you can recycle, here's a few items according to Rock River Disposal.

Plastics numbers 1-7 on the bottom.
Writing paper.
Junk Mail.
Chipboard or particleboard.
Phone books.
Aluminum Foil.
Tin cans.
Juice Boxes.
Milk cartons.
Glass (Brown, Clear, Green).

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There's just a few of the items. Hope the list made it a little clearer on what you should recycle. Do your part for the environment, recycle please.

I need to go home and pick through my trash now.