14Do you have a Rockford event or attraction that you shamefully have never gone to?

It's alright if you do. This is a safe place. A trust tree if you will.

We had our good friend Laura Gibbs Green on the show this morning to talk about what the Rockford Park District has to do in town over the weekend. I admitted to Laura that I had gone to the Nicholas Conservatory for the first time the other day to see if the corpse flower had bloomed yet. When I said that I had never been there, I definitely felt a twinge of shame.

Side bar. Head over there Friday or Saturday to get a look at Grimace the corpse flower. It only blooms every 3-10 years and they're an endangered plant. There's fewer than 1,000 of them in the wild and not many conservatories have one. And the whole place is really cool, I'll throw some pictures down below.

But that did get Tom Leu and myself talking this morning about what else is on our "Rockford Shame" list. I came up with 2 spots, both also plant related, that I am ashamed as a 40+ year-old Rockfordian, I have never been to. And the first one is a big one.

Anderson Japanese Gardens


This is a pretty big confession. David and Liz hop on the show often to promote events at one of the highest regarded Japanese gardens in the WORLD. It all sounds lovely. It LOOKS lovely. I've had lunch at Fresco's multiple times. I just haven't made it down into the garden. This is on me and is not acceptable. I will correct it soon.

Klehm Arboretum

Stateline Kids via Facebook
Stateline Kids via Facebook

I legitimately did not know that there was an awesome splash pad at Klehm until I searched for a photo in our library. Are you serious? I've heard nothing but awesome reviews of this place but just haven't made it out. Reportedly the best dog walking spot in the city.

Honorable Mention

I asked a few people down the hall if they had any they wanted to add to the list. They're either the best citizens ever or they were lying to me. Double T down at the Eagle did say that he's never been to Friday Night Flix at Davis Park. I appreciate his honesty. I will add that neither have I. We would both like for everyone to respect our privacy while we think about our actions.

Here are those Nicholas pictures for proof that I've been there.

38 Pictures From Nicholas Conservatory

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