I am totally the person who will take every wacky and stupid quiz I find on the internet.

Slyadnyev Oleksandr, ThinkStock

I need to know what ice cream flavor I am, (chocolate chip cookie dough) or what time in history I actually belong in, (the 60's as if I can change it) or that I can actually pass a middle school spelling test. By the way, these are the quizzes I took just today.

My favorite quiz of the day however is this one, "What Does Your Name Say About Your Love Life." This quiz is awesome not because of the amazing knowledge received by the result, but because the answer literally made me laugh out loud. Is this for real? This is what my name says about my love life:

"You will end up with someone who can sing really well. Before that, you will have an affair with a pro athlete. You will have seven children. You and your lover will raise them on a farm. One of them will be a supermodel. The rest will look average."

Umm...no, no, HELL  NO, and no, no again.

Take the quiz. Are your results as funny as mine?