I finally did it! I bought myself a pair of Cowboy boots.

Yes, this was my Q98.5 one year anniversary present to myself.

If your in the market for a pair, here's what you need to know about buying cowboy boots.Allens Boot offers some great advice.

Tips on How to Buy Boots

  1. Trust your foot! Boots are one-of-a-kind leather craftworks - some would say masterworks. When you put one on, it should feel like that boot was made for your foot. Of course, the leather will stretch and wear in, but your first impression is very important. Don't buy boots that feel bad because you think they'll become comfortable. Buy boots that are comfortable for you.
  2. Look at your toes. Do your toes need a lot of breathing room? Are your feet broad, or can you handle a needle-nose toe (see our boot glossary)? Is the bridge of your foot high? Where have you had trouble with shoes in the past? Match that to the kinds of boots that you try on. Buy boots that match your toes and arch.
  3. Trust your style. Buy boots that are an appropriate match for who you are. Think about where and when you'll be wearing your new boots, and buy appropriately. Don't buy neon Midnight Cowboy boots if you only would wear them at casual picnics and Sunday shopping trips.
  4. Boots aren't heels. Cowboy boots have a heel that raises the back of your foot 3/4" to 1 3/4". Don't buy boots that turn you into the Tower of Pisa. Again, comfort is king. Buy boots that you feel stable in.
  5. Try the boots on. Roll up your pants. Loop your fingers through the pull straps (the leather tabs at the top of each side of the boot) and pull the boot over your foot. If your foot gets stuck in the boot or any part of your foot feels trapped, don't buy the boots. When walking in boots, your heel should slide a bit.
  6. Bring a friend. It always helps to have someone trustworthy with you when you buy boots. They can give you style advice, and if they buy boots too, they'll know what decisions you'll be making. And of course, if you happen to be buying solo, you can always get help from the legendarily-friendly boot buying experts at Allens Boots!

I did all of those steps except for number six. I didn't bring a friend.

However, I appreciate the man in the aisle at Farm & Fleet that gave me great compliments on the pair I bought. So maybe I didn't violate the rules afterall. HA!