Imagine living in a town of just 14 people.  It's possible in this small town in Illinois.

I was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois - population 147,000.  I find it crazy that some people are actually born in cities so small you would know everybody no matter where you went; the grocery store, gas station, and your doctor is probably your next door neighbor.  For Valley City, they were the smallest incorporated place in Illinois with a population of 14 according to the 2000 census.

Valley City, Illinois

As of 2019, Valley City gained 8 new residents to their town.

Not much to Valley City near Ray Norbut State Fish and Wildlife Refuge which is basically right by I-72 and the Illinois River. Pretty darn remote - nothing but rock/gravel dirt roads. - rebeccaeilering


Okay, one of the few houses in Valley City is actually insanely cool!

Very flood prone as it’s on the river. It once had a apple peeling plant, some sort of cheese plant and a quarry. Quarry still remains but everything else is gone

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I wondered what other small populated cities in Illinois there were other than Valley City.  You're probably curious, too!
Rockwood, Illinois - Population 27


Fults, Illinois - Population 27


Gulfport, Illinois - Population 28


Wenonah, Illinois - Population 38


Deer Grove, Illinois - Population 43


Burnt Prairie, Illinois - Population 44


Phillipstown, Illinois - Population 45


Keenes, Illinois - Population 51


Ripley, Illinois - Population 53


Hollowayville, Illinois - Population 57


Simpson, Illinois - Population 65


Florence, Illinois - Population 66


Union Hill, Illinois - Population 78


Junction, Illinois - Population 101

Of course people move every year, so the populations fluctuate.  All of these are based on updated reports from 2019.  Who knew there were so many cities in Illinois that had fewer than 100 people living in them?!

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