Today is National Pizza Day. What better way to celebrate than by devouring a pizza right here in Rockford. 

It has been almost 9 months since I made the move to Rockford. There is one thing I am really enjoying and that is the local pizza scene here.

It blows my mind how many local places here that you can find the best food in the world (according to me). But, this is where I need your help.

With so many places I have not tried yet, this is a chance for you to let me know where I should go and what is your favorite. I am taking votes and giving you five options and a write in candidate to decide who has the best pizza in Rockford.

Will Lino's take the top spot or will Opsahl's get your vote? We will keep the voting open till Wednesday night and announce the winner on Thursday.

Remember that all votes matter. Just because your pizza place is not on the list, just type in your vote and it will be counted.

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